Collection 2016



Driven by a wish of entrepreneurship and made in France, we, Gilles, Lola & Thibault, have founded in 2014 the brand Sempervivum. We needed to build our own area of freedom where we could offer to the others our vision of clothes, from its conception to its manufacturing, with our dreams and convictions. Sempervivum has developed in a colorful unisex wardrobe designed for you, in our Parisian workshop. At Sempervivum we have nothing to hide, quite the opposite, we will tell you everything.



The idea of a wardrobe, it is a consistency, an ideal closet we open. It is not a collection’s theme but a dressing. All items can be mixed with one and other, gathered and transformed in a day to day silhouette. All the pieces of the Sempervivum wardrobe are designed in order to offer a daily answer to the needs of being dressed, of feel free, for self-affirmation, for working, for fun, for living, for just being.



Sempervivum offers clothes developed without gender types. Our philosophy upon clothes steered us to invent this unisex wardrobe. We take into account the morphological characteristics of male and female body without highlighting them. Thus our clothes can be worn by both men and women. Our wish of freedom is expressed in this emancipation against the common consideration of femininity and masculinity in clothing. We have only one size chart, one clothing line, Mister & Miss Sempervivum are free and equal.


Zero waste

Zero waste is our ethic and hopefully yours. The whole Sempervivum wardrobe is designed around patterns developed in our workshop and which generate no waste for fabrication. To be simple : one meter of fabric = one t-shirt = zero waste. All our patterns are puzzles in which all the fabric is used to make your clothes. Because fabric is precious.


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Coming Soon


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